FTCE General Knowledge Test

The General Knowledge Test consists of four subtests: English Language Skills, Mathematics, Reading, and Essay. Test-takers will receive test booklets that contain multiple-choice questions and essay topics. An answer booklet includes a grid for answers to multiple-choice questions, along with lined paper for the essay. Question formats for the exam will include direct question, sentence completion, graphics, command, scenario, word problem, passage, and essay. Each multiple-choice question will contain four response options, which will be answered by bubbling in choice A, B, C, or D.

Each section of the test encompasses competencies and skill areas. Competencies are defined as areas of content knowledge, with skills being the behaviors that demonstrate those competencies. Each competency is also assigned a percentage representing the approximate proportion of test items in that content area on the test. Together, the competencies and skills are representative of knowledge that has been determined by content specialists to be important for beginning teachers.

FTCE General Knowledge Test Practice Questions

1. Which is NOT a redundant phrase?
A. consensus of opinion
B. team cooperation
C. personal opinion
D. whether or not

2. The word, phrase, or clause to which a pronoun refers, understood by the context, is a:
A. pronoun
B. modifier
C. antecedent
D. superlative

3. One kilometer per second is equal to approximately how many miles per hour?
A. 2,237
B. 1,322
C. 0.6213
D. 2.2369

4. Which is NOT a true unit of measure?
A. zettagram
B. picogram
C. petagram
D. yondogram

5. A child’s swing can demonstrate the relationship of ____________________ without being notably influenced by weight.
A. mass and volume force, mass, and acceleration
B. gravity, momentum, and acceleration
C. mass, momentum, and motion

Answer Key

1. B
2. C
3. A
4. D
5. B